AquaMist ULF

A complete engineered solution including pumps, valves, discharge nozzles, pipes and fittings, all designed to function as one dedicated fire protection system.

The system operates at working pressures of 7 to 12 bar (101.5-174.0 psi), producing droplets of water through a range of nozzles, specifically engineered and approved for a variety of fire hazards. AquaMist ULF systems are supplied through authorized partners.

The AquaMist ULF training modules provide complete design, technical, commercial and lifecycle knowledge. Authorized partners are fully supported by the Tyco technical services team and all Tyco Fire Protection Products are manufactured to the highest quality.

Benefits of a low pressure Water Mist system include lower water demands, translating into lower pressure losses, smaller diameter pipes and lower installation costs when compared to traditional sprinkler systems. As the system uses only water without additives, it produces no adverse environmental impact.

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