Machinery Space

Machinery Spaces in general terms are areas where complex machinery moves at speed, often in close proximity, generates heat and requires significant quantities of oil to optimise performance.  The oils, lubricants and hydraulic oils used in Machinery Spaces and Plant Rooms can become flammable even though they are comparatively non-volatile liquids and have flash points higher than normal temperatures.

If a mechanical failure occurs creating a high temperature, perhaps through compression in an engine, contact of a liquid fuel with a hot surface, spark or flame the risk of a serious fire event is high. Machinery Spaces such as Turbine enclosures, Transformer & Generators, Engine test cells and Paint booths are among those posing the greatest fire risk. These spaces can be found in environments as diverse as Shopping Malls; in Elevator and Escalator Machinery rooms, Automotive Manufacture and Maintenance, Power Generation areas as well as in many other applications involving combustion machinery used for propulsion.

The fire risk in these environments poses significant threat to life and property because of the readily available fuels once the fire has ignited. It’s essential to mitigate this risk, to ensure the safety of machinery operatives and all people in the vicinity of plant of this type.

To protect Machinery Spaces AquaMist offers:

// Three different technologies to better accommodate end user needs - ULF, SONIC and FOG.

// Third party tested and approved

// Suitable for ‘non tight’ enclosures

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