Commercial Hazards

Commercial spaces, such as offices, retail, leisure and hotels contain a very varied mix of fire hazards. Such places of business can be occupied by vastly different numbers of people and varied critical assets at any one time, each representing a challenge for fire safety.

The levels and mix of fuels available within these facilities, changing occupancies and the configuration of the construction itself can each contribute to the rapid growth and development of a fire. The vertical openings within a building can enable smoke to spread with little effort. Means of egress can be compromised by construction features; smoke can infiltrate into enclosures and stairwells, as well as through the HVAC system.

Each commercial enterprise places value on the assets their business requires to perform, from their staff to the premises they occupy. Continuity and advancement are key to commercial success and so protecting the lives of staff as well as any structural asset itself are crucial to the delivery of the businesses activity.

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