AquaMist Water Mist Fire Protection Solutions

When designing a fire protection system, the challenge is to select the right solution to match the risk. Tyco has the broadest range of fire protection products on the market, including sprinklers, clean agent systems, Water Mist and others.

A comprehensive range of solutions

The AquaMist product range from Tyco includes globally approved Water Mist solutions backed by over 100 years of expertise in fire protection. AquaMist offers a broad range of systems to offer the most suitable fire suppression solution for you to help protect people and property against a wide variety of fire risks. The fine water mist generated is designed to extinguish fires, or limit fire growth at an early stage, depending on the asset to be protected. AquaMist can help provide effective cooling and fire control on solid, deep-seated fires such as furniture, paper and cables (Class A).

On fires such as lubricants or fuels (Class B) or cooking oils (Class F) AquaMist can provide assistance with extinguishment and prevention of re-ignition. AquaMist can help cool the surrounding area, limiting the spread of fire. The AquaMist system benefits include a reduction of up to five times in the water required (when compared to standard sprinkler systems), while providing a superior control on applicable Class A, B and F fires.

Tested and Approved

Tyco AquaMist systems are a versatile and highly efficient resource, featuring unique nozzles, which have been designed and rigorously tested to help you protect against a wide range of fire risks.

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