Tyco Introduces AquaMist ULF For Cable Tunnel Fire Protection

November 25, 2015

AquaMist ULF is a low pressure water mist system designed to deliver water droplets with a high cooling effect to quickly remove heat from a fire. It helps reduce water consumption and minimises damage to cables in the protected area. AquaMist ULF also provides the rapid suppression needed to avoid the potential cost and downtime associated with a cable tunnel fire.
The complete system design comprises pipes, pumps, detection and approved valve sets. Other components include electrically operated valves with a pressure rating of 17.2 bar, the Nozzle AM4, which produces a range of water droplet sizes to reduce heat and penetrate the fire zone, and the Tyco AquaMist Mist Control Centre (MCC) Pump Skid Unit. This is a pre-assembled, self-contained control centre for the AquaMist ULF system, designed to meet the most stringent project requirements. The system can also be configured for zonal fire protection.
“As a water mist system that combines low pressure with a high cooling effect, AquaMist ULF is an efficient solution to combat cable tunnel fires,” said Alex Palau Bosch, Product Manager at Tyco Fire Protection Products. “The impact of cable tunnel fires can seriously affect businesses. Our AquaMist system is designed to provide prompt and comprehensive protection of cable tunnels with minimal disruption and incurred cost.”
Thanks to its compact design, AquaMist ULF reduces space requirements and facilitates more cost-effective installation compared to high pressure systems. The system also minimises post-discharge water treatment and clean-up costs.
For additional information regarding Tyco’s AquaMist ULF for cable tunnels, please contact AquaMist@tycoint.com

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