FM Approval for AquaMist ULF Water Mist in Data Centers

August 13, 2015

FM Approval has been granted for the AquaMist ULF Water Mist solution provides fire protection for Data Processing Equipment Rooms, suitable for above the floor, below-floor and for concealed spaces, including false ceilings. The Approved system combines, the AquaMist ULF nozzles, AM29 or AM30, with TFPP products, including the Tyco DV-5 preaction single interlock deluge valve, G-Press piping solutions and Fire Detection hardware for our extensive product range.

This most recent industry Approval puts AquaMist in a unique market leading position as the only low-pressure Water Mist solution to have full FM Approval for data centers. This achievement is all the more significant, given that data halls present many fire protection challenges. For example, in-built ventilation systems which delay fire detection, in addition to installation prerequisites for wet pipe systems, which have the potential to leak and cause substantial water damage. Data processing equipment rooms are also a high fire risk due to the presence of fire-propagating cables.

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