AquaMist SONIC

This system utilizes non-toxic and readily available extinguishing media (water and nitrogen). The AquaMist SONIC twin-fluid technology is safe for people and is environmentally-friendly.

It is constructed of industry proven, components including an ASME/  TPED approved stainless steel water storage tank. Capable of automatic detection and actuation and/or remote manual actuation, the system is installed and serviced by authorized distributors. Just two supersonic atomizers create 1.5 trillion superfine water droplets per second, producing a combined surface area of 121 m2 (1302 ft2). This is equivalent to covering the surface of an Olympic-size soccer field in one minute.

Additionally, the atomizers propel the droplets at high velocity throughout the combustion zone providing rapid fire knock-down. The atomizer is the key to the effectiveness of the AquaMist Sonic system. Supersonic technology generates a high-velocity, low-pressure zone that draws a thin sheet of water into a primary atomization region. A conical supersonic wave then creates a zone of extreme acceleration and high shear-rate, breaking the sheet into atomized droplets. 

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